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About Sunrise Respiratory Care

Sunrise Respiratory Care is a Southern California-based retailer that offers a full spectrum of home-based medical equipment and respiratory care services. We are a company founded by physicians specializing in pulmonary and sleep medicine along with experienced respiratory care therapists in order to provide knowledgeable and comprehensive home-based respiratory care.

Sunrise Respiratory Care specializes in continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP/BiPAP) systems for patients experiencing a variety of sleep apnea syndromes and other respiratory related indications. Additionally, we offer a complete line of sleep apnea treatments including PAP systems, humidification, supplemental oxygen, masks, and accessories. Sunrise can facilitate non-CPAP based therapies to patients including custom fabrication of mandibular advancement splints, also known as dental devices or oral appliance therapy. CPAP compliance and efficacy monitoring is also available for patients.

We work with a large number of physicians and dental experts in the field. Additionally, through our network, Sunrise offers facilitation of diagnostic testing for sleep-related respiratory disorders.


Additionally, our respiratory care therapists are available 24 hours a day for independent home care.

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